Genetic Counseling

Enlightening information that is grounded in experience.

Translating technical genetic information into language that is understandable and useful to patients is the purpose of our Genetic Counselors. All our Counselors are board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling or are active candidates for certification. We provide support for both patients and physicians by identifying genetic risks, explaining appropriate genetic testing options, discussing the implications of test results and helping patients make better health care decisions.

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Bringing light to confusing choices

A genetic test can be an illuminating tool in changing the landscape of an illness, helping to navigate decisions regarding your reproductive health or the health of your children. Our experienced staff of Genetic Counselors helps patients make informed health care decisions by delivering expert technical genetic information to patients in practical and useful terms.


The genetic counseling services include:

Genetic Risk Assessment

  • Evaluation of reproductive and family history
  • Review of laboratory results and medical records
  • Identification of risk factors that can affect the patient or the patient’s offspring

Patient Education

  • Implications of identified genetic risk factors
  • Discussion of the disorder in question, including etiology, heritability and clinical implications
  • Explanation of appropriate testing and procedure options

Patient Information

  • Support for informed decision-making
  • Referral to community resources

Coordinated Patient Care

  • Summary report to the referring physician
  • Follow-up genetic counseling, if indicated


Candidates for prenatal genetic counseling:

  • Anyone interested in prenatal or preconception genetic screening
  • A woman of advanced age when her baby is born
  • Anyone with an abnormal ultrasound during pregnancy
  • Anyone who has questions about a disease or condition that runs in the individual’s family
  • Anyone with a family history of an inherited disorder, birth defect, or intellectual disability
  • Anyone with a positive screening or abnormal genetic test result
  • Anyone concerned that his or her job, lifestyle, or medical history may pose a risk to pregnancy (including exposure to infection, radiation, medication, alcohol, street drugs, chemicals, or other environmental agents)
  • An individual or couple who has had two or more unexplained miscarriages or early infant deaths
  • Couples who are first cousins or other close blood relative
  • Couples with infertility thought to have a genetic cause
  • Men with infertility caused by congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens (CBAVD)

Our Difference

Enlighten Health is staffed with the largest genetic counseling network in the country, available to provide comprehensive genetic counseling to your patients. We provide three aspects of counseling that brings to light the best decision-making: personalized genetic information presented in a meaningful manner, comprehensive genetic counseling with flexible service options to meet the needs of both patients and physicians, as well as expert genetic counselors committed to patient education and care.