• Knowledge that matters.

    Whether you are a hospital system, a physician or a patient, being better informed can only benefit your health care decisions. Knowing more drives improvements in the quality of the continuum of care as well as in financial efficiency.

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  • Illuminating gaps in care.

    Our analytics solution is an enterprise-level modular reporting tool that couples big data with analytics to provide robust clinical, operational and financial intelligence to measure quality across the continuum of care.

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  • Bringing light to confusing choices.

    We provide support for both patients and physicians by identifying genetic risks, explaining appropriate genetic testing options, discussing the implications of test results and helping patients make better health care decisions.

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  • Caring for the chronic.

    Enlighten Health offers decision support for complex chronic diseases, such as chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and metabolic bone disease, to help outcome improvements as well as financial management.

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Our services are designed to help shed light on new solutions from a variety of perspectives. Enlighten Health can provide everything from third-party patient counsel to continuum of care analysis for a leading health care system.

Enlighten Health offers a suite of business intelligence and patient care solutions to enable those involved—from health care providers to patients— make more informed decisions. Our business solutions and analytics services illuminate information that allows health care providers, hospitals and ACOs to improve clinical performance and care delivery while our patient-focused solutions provide information that allows doctors and their patients to better manage future health concerns.